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Price on request
Listing ID: ID-3099
Rooms: 1
Baths: 1
Built in: 2014


In the Barco Building in excellent homes have recently built. Very well placed. Floors from 1-3 bedrooms. 1 or 2 bathrooms, living room, fitted wardrobes. Parking spaces are optional, so it is not included in the housing price, there are car from € 35,000.



  • Seismic structure according to standard construction.


  • Facade made up closures formed by the Capuchin; thermal acoustic insulation in polyurethane foam, brick quoted perforated with air chamber and double hollow brick partition wall.
  • Housing interior partitions formed by double hollow brick partition of 7 cm.
  • Divisions between apartments and common areas formed with thermal clay blocks of 19 cm.


  • Trafficable inverted flat terrace finished in porcelain stoneware outdoors.


  • Ventilated appeased “main facades” of the property, with porcelain tiles 1st ality, stapled views taken in format and geometry defined by the DF * (the rest; zone courtyards, false facade of Santa Clotilde street terraces attics, exterior common staircase, be continuous monolayer coating).



  • Floor in “areas of day” porcelain stoneware 1st quality, to be defined by the PM.
  • AC-4 laminate flooring 1st quality type in bedrooms finished to define the PM.
  • Stairs, natural stone or porcelain to be defined by the PM.
  • Flooring in bathrooms and kitchen flooring 1st quality to be defined by the PM.
  • Tiled terraces and washing porcelain stoneware 1st quality.


  • Smooth plaster with mortar monolayer reinforced concrete walls and plaster basement “good view” in roof and other walls.
  • False plaster ceilings in damp rooms and removable roof in a bathroom for installation of air conditioning equipment and heat water.



  • Trim and plaster good view, including rangers live on vertical edges.
  • Vertical walls and ceilings with plastic paint color to be defined by PM.


  • Tiled bathrooms and toilets 1st quality, even valance / Listelo or decorative panels to define the PM.


  • Kitchen tiles 1st quality, even valance or decorative listero to define the PM.



  • PVC joinery profiles of 1st quality, white color, to be defined by PM. and aluminum blinds in color to be defined by PM. in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Double glazing with air chamber dehydrated on all windows.
  • Double glazing with air chamber dehydrated with laminated safety glass in lower fixed balconies and low windows.
  • Outer tubular stainless steel railings and safety glass laminate definable PM.
  • Gateway to the portal, in the building, according tubular metal design PM.


  • Gateway to housing armored with lock three anchor points, peephole, handle and hanging fittings, to be defined by the PM.
  • Interior standard folding or sliding doors, to be defined by the PM. and translucent glass in kitchen and lounges.
  • Wardrobes with sliding doors, lined on the inside and separator consisting of mezzanine and bar in line with the rest of woodwork.
  • Staircase railing plants housing, stainless steel tubular and laminar security (except basements) glass.


  • Vitrified porcelain sanitary Gala white house with sink on furniture.
  • Bath tub or shower column in main bathroom.
  • Thermostatic mixer taps in toilets showers.
  • Mixer taps in bathrooms and toilets to be determined by the PM.


  • Water installation with copper pipes, individual step keys and drainage in wet room approved PVC.
  • Individual production of hot water by electric boiler hidden in the false ceiling and registrable.
  • Installation planned for washing machine and dishwasher in the kitchen.
  • Electrical installation with high level of electrification, made up of independent circuits, adapted to current regulations and mechanisms such NIESSEN.
  • Touch color to define the PM.
  • Individual climate control system through inverter heat pump air-air and Fujitsu machines or the like.
  • Heating system by programmable electric radiators aluminum digital fluid.
  • Digital video entry with color monitors in all homes.
  • Security Vault.
  • Exterior door automatic vehicle access to parking.
  • Complete installation of garage, according specific project.
  • Installation of telecommunications as specific project.
  • Two elevators with stainless steel doors on floors of homes and cabins definable PM.
  • Direct access to a lift from basement to housing.

NOTE: The developer reserves the right to substitute any materials from those indicated, whenever as indicated by the Project Management.

* PM: Project Management



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